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10 Best Bath Towels on Amazon, According to Glowing Reviews

You deserve 5 stars, bb.

best bath towels on amazon

Say what you want about Amazon, but getting literally almost anything within two days is truly incredible. You can find pretty much any household item you can think of—from luxe mattresses to leather office chairs—on Amazon, and it can arrive at your doorstep within only 48 hours. So instead of setting aside a weekend to shop for something as simple as… IDK, bath towels, for instance, you can just hit up Amazon to purchase a quality towel set, and it might just get delivered to you before the weekend is even over.

Now, if you've already had a look at what bath towels Amazon has to offer and lived to tell the tale, then you know that there are tonssssssss of options. Perhaps too many to choose from. I mean, you can only read so many reviews, which is why I've gone ahead and done the hard work for ya! I've rummaged through all the subpar towels and plucked out only the ones that are worthy of your bod and bathroom. You can take a peek at some of them below.

Our top picks for best bath towels on amazon of 2022

See? Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y bath towels right at your fingertips. So now, without further ado, I present to you this complete list of top-rated bath towels that'll actually get the job done and feel absolutely luxurious while doing so. (Oh, and getchu a cute bath mat to really round out the experience. You're welcome!)

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Best ribbed towels
Classic Turkish Towels Luxury Ribbed Bath Towels 3-piece Set

If you're done with some texture, then you'll seriously enjoy these oh-so-soft ribbed bath towels. Made with 100 percent Turkish cotton, they'll feel like a dream when you're drying off.

Best Microfiber Towels
JML Microfiber Bath Towels - 2 Pack

TBH, microfiber towels are definitely an acquired preference. But if you're after the quick-dry capabilities of the highly absorbent material, then allow me to recommend these striped beauties. They’re very soft, yet extremely durable—one towel can absorb up to seven times (!!) it’s weight in water, so you know this set will withstand every use..

Best Value Set
Lane Linen 24 PC White Bath Towels Set

Hey, why you may need over 20 towels is your business. But you might as well get them at an incredible price point. This family-sized set includes two oversized bath sheets, four bath towels, four fingertip towels, six hand towels, and eight washcloths.

Best Cotton Towels
Lands' End Supima Cotton 6 Piece Towel Set

If you want to feel the absolute softest yet durable cotton towels out there, then you need to add these to your cart right now. Made from American-grown Supima cotton, the fibers on these bbs are so much stronger and softer compared to your typical cotton.

Best Hotel-Style Towels
White Classic Luxury Cotton Large Bath Towels

Reviews claim these bad boys are just like the ones you'd find at a fancy hotel. Thick, plush, super absorbent, and under $50 for a pack of four. SOLD.

Best Turkish Towels
Chakir Turkish Linens Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel
Now 17% off

Turkish-cotton is reputably known for being extremely plush. Replicate the feeling of a fahncy spa trip in the comfort of your bathroom with this super plushy pick.

Best Brand-Name Towels
Brooklinen White Super-Plush Bath Towels

Yes, I was surprised to find Brooklinen towels on Amazon, too! Treat yourself to this set of plush bath towels by everyone's favorite home and bedding brand.

Most Affordable Towel Set
Utopia Towels Navy Blue 8-piece Bath Towel Set

I'm sorry, but a set of eight towels for just $29??? Prepare to get fully stocked on nice bath linens without totally wrecking your bank account.

Best Oversized Towels
White Classic Luxury Extra Large Bath Sheet Towels

For those who want XL towels to wrap yourselves up in post-shower, let me introduce you to these bbs.

Best Linen Towels
Linen Spa Bath Sheet - Oyster

You're gonna have to trust me on this one. This may only have one (five-star!) rating at the moment, but Linoto is a stunner of a brand that consistently delivers high-quality home goods. And these heavyweight linen bath sheets are proof.

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