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12 Ways That Camp Shirts Will Majorly Enhance Your Wardrobe

Just sharing our cheat code to summer style, nbd

best camp shirts

Honestly, there’s probably no one better to explain the utter importance of a camp shirt. Some people refer to them as Hawaiian shirts or bowling shirts; personally, I call them Guy Fieri shirts. No matter which name you opt for, the personality-filled, short-sleeved tops are my favorite excuse for another layer! I wear camp shirts as cardigan substitutes, over hoodies, and even as swimsuit cover-ups. I can’t tell if I’m more obsessed with the shirt style's innately lazy yet cool look, the vast array of patterns camp shirts come in, or the fact that the perfect shirt exists for every aesthetic.

Camp shirts, recognizable for their boxy silhouette and playful prints or bold colors, bring serious character and comfort to any outfit. My favorite thing about 'em, though, is the versatility factor. You can button yours all the way up, or go with just one button closed with a half-tuck, paired denim shorts. Pair it with a mini dress for a bit of drama and dimension. Throw on a bucket hat and a pair of your favorite summer sandals to top off the look! There’s only one rule to nailing the camp shirt trend— the fit. When necessary, def size up; a camp shirt shouldn't be overly tight or cropped. Instead, aim for an oversized fit that convincingly looks like you’re wearing your dad’s fave summertime shirt.

Our top picks for the best camp shirts:

Seriously, a good camp shirt could carry you through the entire summer if you let it! Ahead, here are a dozen camp shirts we're obsessing over right now. Whether you're test-driving the trend for this very first time or updating an existing collection of cool camp shirts, there's a kitschy-cool top out there worth adding to your wardrobe ASAP.

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This Abstract Shirt
Wildfang The Essential Short-Sleeve Button Up

  • Available up to a 3X

  • A bit snug at the hips; consider sizing up

Make a statement in this abstract print! Wildfang has more than enough variations and patterns to choose from.

Glowing Review: “I get so many compliments whenever I wear it! Wasn't sure how this print would look in person, but it's really fun and can be worn with more formal outfits, or casually with a pair of jeans. The light fabric that is great for warm weather and easy to layer. There's no gap at the chest, and it fits my shoulders.”

This Portrait Shirt
Stussy Hopper Shirt

  • amazing artwork

  • the design is different on the back vs. front (even cooler, IMO!)

Step outside of the box and give some story and emotion! I love a conversation starter piece, like this top featuring moody work by actor Dennis Hopper, who was a prolific photographer and sculptor as well as a Hollywood legend. With a bralette, black bottoms, and a strappy heel, you’re a walking piece of art.

This Classic Style
Wray Long Lounge Set in Spice Check

  • Available in sizes up to 6XL

  • Not sold separately—must buy as a set

Here's that oh-so-popular checkerboard print, done in bright cherry red! Sold as a set, you can rock the top with a pair of washed out denim shorts, or take the look to the next level by wearing this shirt with the matching bottoms. If you're experiencing a bit of checkerboard trend fatigue, though, don't stress: this cute set comes in a ton of other, equally covetable patterns.

This Terrycloth Top
Frankies Bikinis Hunter Terry Button Up Shirt

  • eye-catching rhinestone detail

  • runs small

Durable, soft, and absorbent—it’s like wearing a towel (but make it fashion)! This brightly hued camp shirt's plush, textured appeal isn't the only thing going for it; we're loving the pink tie-dye and sparkly embellishments, too.

Glowing Review: “I will buy anything in the terry fabric from Frankies because it's such amazing quality. It's incredibly soft and comfortable! I wear their terry pieces all summer, and even around the house.”

This Desert-Themed Option
Abel Macias Short-Sleeved Shirt

  • Impeccable cut

  • Part of a capsule collection; is likely limited edition

The artwork is so mesmerizing, I almost missed the peplum detailing at the seams of the sleeves. And just like that, this is so not your average camp shirt.

This Wearable Masterpiece
Ana Leovy x Tombolo Dusk Shirt

  • super unique design

  • Final restock of this style

This standout top, featuring Mexican artist Ana Leovy’s whimsical work, just screams “can you feel the love tonight?” It’s perfect for a stroll down the beach at dusk.

This Playful Sketch Print Top
Pepper Mayo Cabo Nights Shirt

  • Can be worn with literally any color

  • Pattern placement varies from shirt to shirt

If your wardrobe is feeling a bit too serious, this is the perfect addition to your shirt collection. The sketched graphics just add so much personality and fun to any outfit.

This Slinky Set
ASOS Design Cobalt Satin Jacquard Bowling Shirt

  • part of a matching set, but pieces are sold separately

  • no stretch

You mean to tell me, it’s giving satin and embroidered print?! Plus, you've got ample styling options with this vibrant blue winner: Rock the full three-piece set by nabbing the matching crop top and/or pants, or just go a la carte with this stunning top.

This Watercolor Print Winner
Sunset Camp Shirt

  • made from sustainable materials

  • cut is slightly roomy, but not exactly oversized

So not your typical patterned shirt! If you're into more of a serene, watercolor vibe, this shirt will soften literally any ensemble. Just imagine it paired with a sky blue dress and a cute, comfy sneaker!

This Fruity Treat
Obey Fruit Bowl Woven Camp Shirt

  • affordable

  • print is on just one area, not the entire shirt

Believe it or not, camp shirts don’t have to scream 'beach vacation,' and this delicious fruit-filled motif is so refreshing. You'll be wearing the coolest 'fit in any room whenever you throw on this juicy number. Trust.

This Groovy Number
Daisy Shirt

  • Big, sticker-esque flower print

  • only comes in one colorway

If you’re going to do florals in spring and summer, let’s make it groundbreaking! Look no further than this mod mega-sized daisy print top for a fresh take on flowery patterns.

This Reptilian Top
Stockholm (Surfboard) Club Viscose Short Sleeve Shirt

  • has a chest pocket

  • oversized AF

So, I’ve seen snakeskin print top before in mesh, and in blouse form, but only with long sleeves. Until now! The luxe, scaly motif looks so good in camp shirt form.

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