8 Fancy-Tasting Summer Wine and Snack Pairings That Are Secretly in Your Budget

Bonus: You can score it all at the same store. Cheers to that!


This summer, you don't have to break the bank trying to have a good time. You can tap the summer wines at ALDI, and no one has to know how secretly affordable they really are. To streamline your buying experience, we've curated a list of our eight favorite ALDI summer picks. Plus, we're pairing them with tasty snacks that you can serve up with your pals this season for a memorable—and extremely fancy—sipping experience. We’ll drink to that.

Pineapple Mimosa

pineapple mimosa

Sweet, silky, and endlessly tropical, this pre-batched cocktail has done the work for you in advance. With a mix of subtle floral and palate-coating notes of pineapple, this mimosa will add pizzazz to any brunch gathering. Plus, the bottle is cute enough to keep out on the table. Pair this sweet Sunday favorite with another tropical delight: pre-sliced Little Salad Bar Mango Slices.

Bottle: $8.99

Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Strawberry Wine

strawberry wine

Just short of dry and filled with rich strawberry flavor, strawberry wine is a dessert in and of itself. Bring it along when you don’t feel like prepping anything for that summer potluck you were invited to, and serve it alongside a bowl of fresh ALDI strawberries, of course—a natural companion to its sweet, delicate flavor.

Bottle: $3.99

Utopian Breeze Mixed Berry Moscato

mixed berry moscato

Light, sweet, and slightly frizzante, this mixed berry Moscato is a playful dessert in a box. Cap off an evening of indulgence by pouring yourself a glass of Utopian Breeze to enjoy with some ALDI Specially Selected Mini Cream Puffs. Next up? A binge fest of the hottest new docuseries on scammers.

Bottle: $10.99

Exquisite Collection Côtes de Provence Rosé


Floral notes and a backbone of strawberry round out this full-bodied rosé, which is the ultimate summer-seeking wine. Bring it to the park along with a bag of chewy, delicious Southern Grove Dried Philippine Mango for the ultimate summer afternoon with close pals.

Bottle: $9.99

Exquisite Collection Chardonnay


Buttery, nutty, and refined, this is a white wine lover’s bottle, with notes of pineapple, fresh-baked bread, and coconut. You'll need an equally nutty snack to hold up to this complex favorite. Dig into some Specially Selected Organic Coconut or Chocolate Coconut Clusters with this wine in hand at your next low-key occasion, like a housewarming party.

Bottle: $8.99

Sunshine Bay Sauvignon Blanc

white wine

With notes of tropical fruit and a fresh, herbaceous finish, this versatile wine is great for any get-together. Pair it with a light, salty snack, like Specially Selected Pita Chips, and make sure to share it with friends when they come over for this week's game night.

Bottle: $7.95

30 Miles Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

30 miles cabernet sauvignon

        This rich, chocolatey, and dramatic wine pairs perfectly with Moser Roth Dark Collection 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate. Host your weekly reality show viewing party with this match in hand. Those slightly bitter chocolate notes? They have reality star catfight written all over them.

        Bottle: $14.99

        William Wright Reserve Pinot Noir

        pinor noir

        Full of tart ripe fruit, this wine goes great with its natural counterpart: nuts. Southern Grove Pistachios make the ultimate snack for a vid chat happy hour with long-distance pals. Grab a bottle, tuck into snack time with your besties, and catch up on all that’s good.

        Bottle: $9.99

        *Prices may vary by location.

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