If there’s one fact in this life that we know to be indisputably true, it’s this: People come and go, but snacks? Snacks are forever. Whether salty, sweet, fruity, chewy, healthy, or just so damn crave-able…no matter the state of the world, snacks are there for us.

That’s why we decided to launch the Cosmo Snack Awards back in 2021. We needed a platform to give our favorite bars and jars the delicious spotlight they deserve. Last year was all about the GOAT snacks—eats that have soothed our editors’ souls since the dawn of time—but this year, we’re changing things up.

cosmo snack awards logo

Why? Because 2022 is the year of leaving the house (shh, we’re manifesting this), yet we’ve forgotten how to nosh outside the glow of the fridge. Thankfully, that’s where purse snacks enter the chat. Yep, we’ve dedicated this year’s awards to—drumroll, please—exclusively portable snacks. Hungry editors spent hours and hours sampling all sorts of tasty treats to come up with this list of the 25 best picks perfect for throwing in your bag before concerts, park hangs, plane rides, movie dates, road trips, and anywhere else you might wanna go.

Scroll on to see which chips, popcorn, pretzels, nuts, cookies, and ice cream (things are about to get melty) we’ll be toting with us all year long. Apologies in advance for the munchies.

snacks spilling out of purse