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Your Horoscope for the Full Moon in Sagittarius

This is an intense one!

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Full Moons are a time for releasing and relinquishing. If you have an excess in your life, then this is the time for it to be drained. Through silent meditation, exchanging of thoughts, or spiritual practice, Full Moons are a point when you can let go.

When was the last time you showed up for yourself, your friends, or your family? The Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 14th, 2022 at 7:51 AM EST is reminding you to check in on the ones you love.

Sagittarius is an extremely intellectual sign, that's all about finding new ways to learn about the world every day. During this Full Moon, Lilith, the asteroid associated with toxic rebellion, will be in Gemini, so y0u may fall into the trap of blaming yourself for unmet needs. Additionally, the Ascendant will be in Cancer, a zodiac sign associated with home and friendship. Try not to be too surprised if you notice that people make your needs a problem, and do what you can not to take it personally. That's not all: This Full Moon will form a sextile (aka a roughly 60 degree angle) with Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius and a square (aka a roughly 90 degree angle) with Neptune in Pisces. Don’t know what any of that means? Wow, thank goodness you have an astrologer right here!

Sextiles are a lot like a lightbulb—when you move too close, it seems bright and powerful, and as you move away, it starts to get dimmer. This Full Moon will bring forth uncomfortable topics, which may lead you to want to care for others to distract from your stresses. And when you distract ourselves from what you should be reflecting on, you move away from the lightbulb illuminating new ideas and pathways. The energy surrounding this transit is all about doing what’s difficult. The Full Moon square Neptune in Pisces urges you to consider how you might turn yourself into a victim. Sorry to sound like your mom, but ain’t nobody got time for tears brought upon yourself. A square with Neptune suggests that some of y’all might be leaning towards pedantic reasoning to deflect from accountability. How about no? Releasing the need to overthink the process makes it a lot easier to receive the message. Be a beach, babe.

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All I can say is yesssssss, Aries! You’re truly coming into yourself and laying your footprint on the ground. That’s poetry for you’re becoming grounded, babe. Keep using what you have learned and let me tell you, all you’ll be able to do this Full Moon is shine. Remember, Aries, no shrinking yourself. What you want is worth putting your foot down for. Just know when to be patient.


You’re thinking deeply about how you share yourself, as well as the resources you have to offer, with others. Recognizing that you bring a lot to the table will give you the confidence necessary to achieve your goals. Underselling yourself will only minimize your growth, and what does getting in the way of your success do? Absolutely nothing! Be proud, Taurus—you have ample reasons to be.


Release that unnecessary relationship if you know they are draining your energy. It’s understandable to empathize with friends that are going through tough times. However much compassion are you willing to extend, it’s important you hold space for your own boundaries. There’s no need to hold onto a relationship when you know it’s time to let go.


To some extent, you’re the star of this Full Moon transit. It looks like you’re in a position that requires you to start checking in on your shadow self. Are you neglecting a part of your body or experiencing frustrating headaches? This Full Moon could cause you to want to speak up. You could be unable to feel an irritation collecting within yourself. Closed mouths don’t get fed, so if your needs are yelling, you should probably listen to them.


Be proud, Leo. In the past, it’s possible you were subconsciously taught to keep your family life private. Understandably, you don’t want everything out in the open. Keep in mind that there are benefits to showing a willingness to be proud of your achievements. If you have a creative project you’re particularly proud of, retrograde your Saturn—that's astrology for "look back on your work"—and talk about it!


As you shine within your professional life, you're feeling frustrations pertaining to your home life. The transits suggest your work is leading to feelings of discomfort within your community. Are you wishing for someone who will speak up for your needs? It’s normal to want someone to stand up for you, especially when you so willingly show up for your loved ones. Virgo, you know what your needs are. Use this Full Moon energy to get them met.


With the Full Moon in your house of expression and communication, it’s time for you to put your knowledge to work. No more holding your tongue to for the comfort of others. Love, you are so brilliant and smart. You wouldn’t just speak without having given much thought to what you’re sharing and how it will affect others. And the initial effect should not be what you dwell on—if it’s for the greater good, then act up, Libra. Not that I have to tell you that! Be as equitable as you can, and remember that sometimes proving a point just ain’t worth it.


Be sure not to fall into spirals of emotional spending, Scorpio. It may feel tempting to put $$ into items you think you need, and sometimes just doing it can come easy. Just know that a financial familial obligation may rear its head during this time. Do you have an idea of who may need help? Better safe than sorry, Scorpio. Collect your coins and save your money. Summer is just around the corner.


Hey Sagittarius, I hate to be rude, but this is a time for you to get real with your feelings. How does intellectualizing your emotions help you understand them? With the Sun in Gemini right now, you’re being called to be more mindful of your close relationships. If you feel like someone in your inner circle doesn't actually have love for you, why not trust the vibe? Don’t rush to cut off any friends—unfortunately, tricky Gemini energy could have you flip-flopping on who to hold onto. Start by trusting your first thoughts, and stick with them unless evidence changes your mind.


Whatever previously lived rent-free in the back of your mind is finally being evicted. Try not to be too frightened when you see everything that makes an appearance. Turns out what you pick up from your daily life has the power to remain in your head. This Full Moon is for clearing out any metaphorical demons or fictitious ghosts that inspire feelings of doubt. Capricorn, at this point, you’re like a magician. You wield all the tools necessary to dispel what haunts you.


Give yourself room to play with those around you, Aquarius. The idea of work can inherently be exhausting. Mind your language and reprogram your narrative. Creativity flows freely when you let yourself be. If you feel compelled to examine your mindset and how it influences how you function, now is a great time do so that. In some ways, you are blocking your blessings. Clear that block away!


Gemini season has clearly weighed on your home life, helping you realize and reflect on how your personal space influences your career. Expect hidden observations pertaining to finances and values to come into the light. Don't worry; you could benefit this from far more than you expect. Being unnecessarily bratty won’t get you too far, so consider the hills you’re willing to die on.

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