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Everything You Need to Know About the Cast of Netflix's ‘First Kill’

Don't worry, they don't bite.

Vampires are finally back on our screens, and Netflix is taking the genre to the next level with First Kill. Everything changes in Savannah, Georgia when Cal and her family of monster hunters are forced to move when there seem to be new creatures emerging. But her life soon changes when she falls in love with Juliette, who is secretly a vampire. Sounds like the ultimate forbidden romance if you ask us, especially since it's based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet! While the show features brand new faces, there are also familiar actors in the cast that have joined in on the fun. Curious about who stars in this adaptation of V.E. Schwab's iconic short story?

Here are the cast and characters of Netflix's First Kill.

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Imani Lewis as Cal
"elle hollywood rising" presented by polo ralph lauren and hulu
Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Age: 23

Instagram: @mochabands

About her: Imani has previously appeared in projects like Eighth Grade, Hightown, and The Get Down. This isn't her first vampire-related project either. She also had a role in Vampires vs. the Bronx so she has experience with this kind of thing.

Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette

Age: 27

Instagram: @sarahcatherine.hook

About her: Based off her IG bio, she definitely wants you to know she has a double first name. She also seems to have a thing for darker stories, as she previously appeared in The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It and NOS4A2.

Elizabeth Mitchell as Margo

Age: 52

Instagram: @elizabeth.mitchell.official

About her: What hasn't Elizabeth Mitchell been in? She recently appeared in Outer Banks as Carla Limbrey and is mostly known for her role as Juliet Burke on Lost. Other major credits include The Santa Clause and Once Upon a Time. Basically, she's in all of your favorite things.

Will Swenson as Sebastian
"the music man" opening night
Arturo HolmesGetty Images

Age: 49

Instagram: N/A

About him: You probably don't know this, but Will Swenson is kind of a big deal on Broadway. So yes, not only can he act, but he can also sing. He's been in productions like Les Miserables as Javert on Broadway and Stacee Jaxxx in Rock of Ages. Talk about range!

Aubin Wise as Talia

Age: 32

Instagram: @aubinwise

About her: If you find yourself in New York City any time soon, then you'll definitely want to make your way to the Richard Rogers to try to score a ticket to Hamilton to see Aubin as Peggy Schuyler.

Jason Robert Moore as Jack

Age: 49

Instagram: @jasonmoore

About him: Jason is making his big Netflix return after previously starring in The Punisher as Curtis Hoyle.

Gracie Dzienny as Elinor

Age: 26

Instagram: @iamgraciedzienny

About her: If you're still not over the cancelation of Jupiter's Legacy, at least you'll be able to see Gracie do her thing in First Kill. And if you grew up watching a lot of ABC Family (same!) then you definitely will recognize her as Greer in Chasing Life.

Dominic Goodman as Apollo

Age: N/A

Instagram: @dominicdgoodman

About him: It's been a big year for Dominic as he recently appeared in He's All That and Young Rock before scoring his first starring role in First Kill.

Phillip Mullings Jr. as Theo

Age: 28

Instagram: @phillipmullingsjr

About him: This isn't Phillip's first starring role by a long shot. He recently lead BET+'s Bruh as Mike Alexander.

Jonas Dylan Allen as Ben

Age: 21

Instagram: @jonasdylanallen

About him: Believe it or not, this is actually Jonas's first professional acting debut. Talk about a flex!

MK xyz as Tess

Age: 23

Instagram: @itsmkxyz

About him: Aside from being an actress, MK is also a singer known for songs like "GEAUX" and "Pass It."

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